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This economically priced board can be ordered standard or completely customized to your specific needs. The Port-a-Boards come in two standard sizes, 18"x24" or 24"x36" or just about any custom size you might need.

Our new process allows us to do up to 4'x8' custom boards that are WATERPROOF. Call for pricing. We now do customized boards to fit for, and be used on, the sides of Command Trucks or in Command Trailers.

Because rescuers need a board that is light and easy to handle, we designed just that. Every Port-a-Board has a durable vinyl coated aluminum frame that is easy to grip and comes apart to accommodate replacement sheets if necessary.

The board features a velcro system. This means that unit numbers or team names, thirty for the small board and fifty for the larger, can be written on or custom printed on your board or on the strips. The strips are moved around the board to show where the team is positioned by their task assignment. But above all,  the goal of the board is to keep your teams safe and accounted for.

Once the board is designed to meet your needs, it is equipped with a permanent marker attached to the front of the board. Because the marker is permanent, you won't have to worry about accidentally wiping off important information in the middle of your situation. Another added feature is that it can be used in wet conditions. Cherry Brother Designs tested several markers and surfaces before coming up with the perfect combination. The board can then be easily wiped off with a spray cleaner.

On the back of the board, you'll find a blank white surface for writing or drawing on and used with dry or wet erase markers. The 'Port-a-Board' is unique, detailed, durable, easy to handle and most importantly it was designed by a public safety professional who knows your needs.

The board can then be easily wiped off with a spray cleaner if erasable markers are used or if permanent markers, Goof-Off Heavy Duty Cleaner. (can be found at Walmart or most hardware stores or order online)

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