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The Incident Command System Port-a-Board is a command, accountability and tactical objective board used by the public safety sector to keep track of their team members during an actual rescue or for training purposes.

Who Can Use The Boards?

The board was designed for anyone in the safety sector desiring to keep personnel safe.  Cherry Brother Designs have available the following standard boards: Click on the Board you would like to see.

How can I make the boards work for my team?

The boards can be bought standard or can be completely customized for your specific needs. Changes can also be made to the standard board in several fields or a new board template can be designed to meet your needs.
Any board can be made into a double sided board. Example, 24x36 could be one side the ICS/Accountability and other side, Emergency Management. The 18x24 boards could be Water Rescue one side and Confined Space other side.
Our ICS Boards can be customized in 3 sizes only: 24x36, 18x24 and 12x18. There are certain restrictions on colors that we use on our board sheets and tags and the frame material we use is black only.

Our boards are mutual aide capable.


Comments from our users: (Add your comment)

Cozett Davis - 02/18/17 Ms.Cherry,
The board is absolutely perfect for our Incident Dispatch Team. We work closely with our local fire departments as well as local law enforcement. We will be using the board on all of our call outs and I will be happy to send them your way. Thanks again!

Cozett Davis
GJRCC Shift Supervisor
Incident Dispatch Team Supervisor
CO State TERT Coordinator
Cole Morris - 07/14/16 Hello Tina

We received our board in great condition. I hope Jeff followed up to let you know. Thank you for working with us on this order, and for a high quality product.


Cole Morris


Southwest District Health

Caldwell, ID 83607
Montauk FD, Chief Lenahan - 07/28/15 The board is amazing.
Perfect for setting up scenario's and controlling scenes.

Thank You

Joe Lenahan
Montauk FD
Rebecca Parker, Baker County Sheriff Dept - 04/09/15 Mrs. Tina,

Here are the pictures as promised ! The board is absolutely beautiful. We
love it and can't wait for the opportunity to show it off. Thanks for your excellent service.


FirefighterToolbox.com - 10/18/2014 The "ICS-Port-a-Board" from Cherry Brother Designs is a product designed to organize your command post easily and effectively. Everything that you need to have noted is right in front of you.

From building layout, incident priorities, staging, weather and utility information, building fire protection location, building construction, accountability, manpower pool information and more its all here, which passes the first test in this review.

The board I tested was two sided, with an incident command board on one side (with predefined fields) and on the other side was a complete chart of the incident command structure for large scale incidents. According to the manufacturer, it can be ordered with a blank white board area on one side if that was to better suit your needs, as well as blank fields on the incident side.

Overall, the board did exactly what I needed it to and I would recommend the board for someone who needs a quality incident command board.

Read the full review.
Dave Carney, Preparedness Planner - 07/15/14 Received my ICS board recently. Very pleased with the workmanship in this board. This will make for a great Preparedness asset and great tool for POD layout illustration and ICS assignments. Cherry brothers did an excellent job. I would definitely recommend their products without hesitation.
Dan Padilla, Chief - 03/04/12 Just received my ICS boards, and I am thoroughly pleased with the graphics and content. The boards will be a great tool to assist myself and my team in managing incidents. Initially, I was hesitant as I am located in Northern California, but your knowledge of the products, always available, responsive to my questions, and the ease of your website to migrate and view your products, made my purchase an enjoyable experience. I will certainly recommend your boards to departments in my region.
Daniel A Padilla, Chief
Dunsmuir/Castella Fire
5902 Dunsmuir Ave
Dunsmuir, Ca 96025
Jez Hunter - 11/14/11 'Unquestionably, a must have training resource as well as an essential operational management tool.
The hierarchy of rescue response, resource management, time appreciation are just a few of the fundamentals reinforced by the ICS Boards.' Jez Hunter, RIG Systems, Ltd., United Kingdom
Jason Mohr - 11/14/11 "Having never used the board before, it was easy to use and simple to follow. Recommended highly". Jason Mohr, Shelbyville Fire Dept. Swift Water Rescue Team Member
Sergeant Ronny Phillips - 11/14/11 In reference to the ICS Port-a-board, I have found the board well thought out and very helpful during Dive operations as well as training. We are able to track our personnel from notification to release. Also, the diagram area helps supervisors keep the 'big picture' in mind.
Your ability to customize the board to fit any Team's mission makes it versatile, whether Dive, SAR, EMS, Swift Water, the board can be customized to fit the Team.
We look forward to many years of use from the ICS Port-A-Board
Lt. Cherry, Waldron Fire Department - 11/14/11 The Fire Accountability Board was customized to fit our needs, easy to use, light weight and durable. Very practical and highly recommended.

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