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Our whiteboard can be used by anyone that wants or needs this kind of a write-on whiteboard for scheduling, team accountability, task assignment, tracking, information, and more. We design to fit YOUR need! It can be portable or hung permanently on a wall.

  • Hospitals: patient rooms, doctor Boards, nursing staff, purchasing, etc.
  • Factories
  • Daycares
  • Fire Services
  • Nursing Homes
  • Restaurants
  • Office

What does the whiteboard feature?

This economically priced whiteboard can be ordered customized to your specific needs. Our standard size boards range in sizes 12x18 to a 24x36. But if you need a larger board we may be able to customize that size for you.

We designed a whiteboard that is light and easy to handle. Every Board has a black, durable vinyl coated, aluminum frame that is easy to grip and can be used with a permanent marker or dry erase. They can also be ordered in a poster type board, and used ONLY with erasable markers. Both can be hung on the wall .

The board also features a velcro system that works with velcro tags. The tags are moved around the board to show where the team/stafff is positioned by their task assignment. But above all, the goal of the board is to keep your teams organized,

Velcro boards and hard plastic nametags are available.

The board can then be easily wiped off with a spray cleaner if erasable markers are used or if permanent markers, Mr. Clean "Magic Sponge" or Goof Off Cleaner can be used.


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